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      Building a new pc and i was just wondering on a video card, the machine will be srickly for editing, are video cards and inportant part for editing? ill start with a 4400 dual core cpu.

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      I’m in the process of waiting for my new card. Ordered it through Gateway and it was supposed to be delivered today, but it’s not there. The tracking shows that it was put on my porch, but it’s not. I’m hoping that they find it and bring it by tomorrow.

      I ordered a NVIDIA that will allow me to run two monitors with one computer. Only cost a coupl hundred. Found it a bit later after my order for about 35 bucks less, but at least this one will for sure work with my stuff.

      I just hope I can get this shipping mishap straightened out tomorrow.

      Actual card: NVIDIA Quadro PCI-Express 280NVS PCI-E

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