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      I have XP pro.. Premiere 1.5 pro and Afte effects 6.5..
      whats a good video card?.. besides the Parhelia which costs about $500.00.
      I currently have a Radeon 64mb 7000 AGP.. it’s ok for premiere….but what about doing cool 3d grapic intros before the movie start..
      ex. world in the middle.. BOOM explode.. them my logo coming out of the explosion..etc..etc.. I found the Ati Radeon 9800 with 256MB on Ebay .for $90.00..but I also saw a Norwood Micro agp radon X1300 2656mb 128bit card.. with direct x9.0/tv/out/vga/dvi..for $130.00 oh..and it says..Shader model 3.0 programmabel Vertex and shader in hardware and OPEn Gl 2.0….and.. I tried running after effects with the Current 7000 ati radeon.. it ran Horrible…. really horrible…. please suggest someing I can buy..
      shooting on my canon xl-1 on DV. s

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      well it depends..what kind of 3d editor would you be using and would you happen to know what kind of card your motherboard supports..obviously AGP but I would reccomend buying a $150 card like

      thats just an example, but reading reviews from was very helpful to me. I am no expert but I have done my share of research…so someone correct me if i’m wrong here:

      One last comment is that you wont need a $500 high end card for 3d titiling. They are only used for advanced gaming.

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