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      Recently purchased an HP Athlon 64 3700+, 1GB ram, 200 GB HD with an ATI Radeon Xpress 200 on board graphics card. I will be editing with Premiere Pro, After Effects 6…possibly Avid Express Pro and Zaxwerks Invigorator ($ depending).

      The question…I’ve grown so used to using the dual monitor setup at work that I want to do this at home as well. I want something that will complement my system but not cost an arm and a leg. At the minimun, I know that I need another video card to allow an for dual input and it must be PCI Express.

      I’m overwhelmed by the choices out there. Brand, memory, inputs? Will certain card work better with Athlon? with Premiere? Should I buy a cheap dual input card or a pretty good single input card?

      Lastly, if I want to hook up a tv to view my timelines is it as simple as plugging it into the s-video output of the card?

      A lot of questions, I know.

      thanks in advance,


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      about the hard drive. This pc has a SATA drive…can I hook up my old ide drive just to transfer files?

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      first off, you are talking about monitor “Outputs” not “Inputs”. most good graphics cards have dual output and fall within two categories: ATI Radeon series or Nvidia GeForce series. Nvidia doesn’t make its own cards, just the chips and it sets the specs so there are a bunch of different manufacturers who make Nvidia cards.

      Personally i’ve liked Nvidia stuff better because ATI seems to add some really annoying software and it hasn’t been as easy to setup as my Nvidia stuff… but i haven’t bought a new graphics card in a couple years, mind you (and i’m using a Matrox card cureently anyway, my second comp has an Nvidia in it).

      your best bet is to check out sites like or and look at their selection. try to find ones that fit around your budget area and do a search on google or something for that model, see if anyone has written a review. i know there have been a number of reviews that i’ve read on graphics cards especially PCI-e models.

      for graphics cards, don’t skimp, but you don’t need something super expensive. there won’t be issues with compatability with Premiere, most likely, since the program doesn’t care too much about what’s putting the stuff on teh screen, just be careful of using too cheap of a card. you want something good enough to give you good color reproduction and other stuff like that.

      as far as watching your video on it, that depends. some cards might let you have a 3rd monitor as a preview type monitor, but its debatable how good that will work. one benefit you have is that you have a nice, new system. you can probably just plug in a video camera to the firewire and a TV into the camera and watch your stuff that way. one option might be getting a firewire D/A converter like the Canopus ADVC110
      which will let you plug a TV and VCR into it for analog input and output.

      another option is an analog capture card that does input and output, but these can get costly depending on what you’re looking to do, especially with a PCI-e setup (though i imagine that your system has standard PCI slots as well).

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      I have an Asus AGP-9480 (nVidia TI4800SE) with 128 meg Ram

      I have two Samsung 753DFX CRT monitors connected.
      XP lets me stretch the viewing area over the two screens.

      I use Studio 9 plus for editing and I have the main program on one screen and the other screen shows full screen video – no looking at a pokey little screen.
      When I used Edition (that’s another story) I had the time line over the two monitors – made it easier to work in

      Hey, by the way I called into a local electrical centre the other day and they had a wide screen LCD TV (32″ I think) with computer input hooked up to it.They had a Ulead video editing program running with the time line and preview screen on show.
      Looked good from a distance but up close it was hard to look at – not very sharp. I always thought a large screen would be good for editing. The more I look at it I think the split screen on two monitirs is just as good.

      The card has S-video out – I have never used it.

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      my Ati card let me stretch the single screen image across both screens, but it worked as if my two screens were one single screen that was twice as wide. the Nvidia had the same option. both could do mirroring but none of that was an option through the windows dialog, i had to go under “advanced options” and select that stuff. my current card, Matrox Millenium G550 allows me to change what is on either screen independantly. so my start bar is only on one screen and i can change the resolutions independantly on either. also i can tell it to show any overlaid video on the second screen (for watching movies etc on a tv or something) but i would lose the second monitor for working.

      also, if you’re running PCI-e as he was talking about, most of the cards are higher-end and would have dual independant screen control.

      the reason the tv looked fuzzy is the resolution. it’s probably not very high resolution like a computer screen is. even if it’s high-def, it probably has a resolution around 1024×768, spread over 32″ and that’s pretty low rez from a pixels per inch view. in comparison, i have a 17″ lcd monitor in front of me right now running at 1280×1024 and it looks great. so this monitor (or your CRTs) are smaller, but have more pixels and better resolution. that’s why lcd monitors that go big are so stinkin’ expensive.

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      I had the G550 in my video machine – only 32 meg ram. My other (work) computer’s video card stuffed up so I put the G550 in it and the AGP-9480 with 128 meg ram went into the Video machine. Why did I put a higher RAM card in they’re mainly used for gaming I hear you say. Simple – Edition uses the GPU of the video card – speeds every thing up – background renders blah blah blah. Bottom line – My version of Edition sucks. So I went to studio as I do basic editing – no fancy stuff, no multiple video lines needed. Just Keep it simple. Too many effects on titles and all that stuff detracts from the Video.

      You are right about the TV resolution – it is 1024 x 768 – crap to look at close.
      I use a Samsung 17″ Monitor @ 1280 * 1024 as well and it looks Great too. I tried it on the video editing machine and seems to function ok. The local computer store still maintains that CRT is better for editing.
      Only real problem I have using the CRT units – apart from bulk, I can not get them to look the same.They are both the same model, but have different manuffacture dates. The colour temperature of the screen is different and I can’t get the brightness and contrast the same either.

      Until I can afford 2 x 19″ LCD monitors with fast refresh rates, I will put up with the heat and bulk of the CRT units.

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      I just got my Matrox Pahelia APVe card today. I can’t use it yet because the computer it will be in doesn’t exist. :-//

      I will be using 2 Samsung 20.1″ flat panels at 1600×1200 with a SDTV out. It will be my first time with duals. I’m really looking forward to it.

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      Can I come around and play with it too?

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      Only if you bring chili cheesdog and beer! X-D

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      So, I’m the one that posted the original video card question and unfortunately I don’t have a concrete idea of what to get.

      I just asked the IT guy at work and he said just get a single output card instead of a dual monitor card. So, I’d have one output from the onboard card and one from the additional card. Does this compromise quality or cause other problems?

      Plus, how important is the memory on the card for video editing? Is a 256mb card that much better than a 64mb card simply for editing?

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      I agree with Hank.

      A single duel head card is better by far.
      Two cards, two drivers. Itis asking for conflicts. The computer gets confused enough with Windows operating system let alone extra drivers.

      Depends on your editing system and if uses the video cards GPU. I think most of the “up market” one’s do – hence better background rendering and “live” transitions. I believe the latest verion of edition suggest you have at ” least 256mg of video card memory.

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