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I'm looking for a video camera and lens setup that will allow me to get the best HD video possible while shooting specifically small screens from a close distance. 1080p is a requirement and again I am looking for best quality but not forgetting best value if possible. I would like to keep it under $3,000USD. Any advice would be greatly appreciated as I am new to all of this.


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I have the Panasonic AGHMC40,GREAT camera,so is the AGHMC150,check them out at B&h,I got A good deal on mine.

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$3000 seems like a lot of money to spend for this application. Why not get a prosumer 1080p HD camcorder with a macro mode such as the Canon HF G10 ($1200 at Amazon) or the (just as good, but less expensive) Panasonic TM900 ($700 at Amazon)?

Am I missing something?

Good luck with your decision,


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For a budget like you are looking at I would spring for the Panasonic AG HMC150 it is the best camera I have ever worked with and when you want to shoot other things you do not have to worry about the problems of the CMOS sensor issues. It has 3 CCD sensor and takes outstanding footage.