video camera lifespan in hours

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      How many hours would you expect to get out of a prosumer cam like the canon xh a1 or sony v1u? WHat is considered a lot of hours of usage, and at approx what point would you expect to have to do some major maintenance? All questions assume good care by owner, not fanatic about equipment such that it is never used but assume itswell taken care of. I ask becuae I am considering buying a cam that has about 400 hours on it. The price for this cam is about 500 less than a new one. Okay move or do you say pass and keep looking? Thanks in advance.


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      my advice is pass and keep looking, but that’s me. I want the peace of mind of new equipment. You never know what conditions used equipment has been subject toand your rating of good can be vastly different from someone elses.

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