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      Ok – this might seem like a stupid question but this is the only place I figured that anyone might know the answer. I was wondering if there are any manufacturers out there that would have housings for small form video cameras? Basically, my goal is to make a small form video camera (say the canon HF200) look like a big camera. The housing could have a function (perhaps a matte box) or it can provide no function at all. It’s weird, you can give steven spielberg a small camera and the actors will look at him funny and it will effect the performance. However, give a no name a big movie studio looking camera and suddenly it’s a real movie! 🙂

      I would like to know if there is anything out there that will give us small time directors an advantage when working with our low budget cameras when we are first starting out.

      Anyone have any suggestions?


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      The humongous lens and form factors that make up a pro camcorder, like Derek said, is virtually the investment of a good, cheap pro camcorder itself. Numerous times, I’ve found pro cam lens assemblies that cost virtually the price of the camera bought used. I’d take a look at some pro deals (such as the Sony HVR-HD1000)at or under 1.5k before you decide.

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      Let your work speak for itself.

      I shoot weddings with with 2 Pentax k10’s and a ds2 (stills)…

      also a hdrhc1 and sr12…

      I had one wedding last season where a guy with a full frame canon dslr was heckling me on the job, constantly spouting off at how much better his dslr was than mine. another guest had the sr11, but wasn’t a jackass…

      after a full day of smiling, nodding and politely walking away, the reception came along and we did our slideshow presentation with the stills, and some video clips, and suddenly Mr “I know more than the pro” put his canon away and shut up.

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