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      If you ever wondered about the difference in cameras……

      I’ve been messing with different cameras. I got ahold of a prosumer camera the other day and I thought I would compare the difference. right click, "save target as"

      The left side is video from the prosumer model, Sony DCR-VX2100. Its a 3ccd 1/3" Mini-dv camera. $2500. It’s worth noting that this camera has 2 built-in neutral density filters, one of which was used, thereby reducing glare, I think.

      The right side is a consumer model, Sony DCR-TVR22. Its a 1ccd 1/3" Mini-dv camera. $400

      Post-production involved capturing the dv video to computer thru preimerpro, captured as Dv AVI. Then exported same, then comrpessed with Microsoft Media Encoder to get .wmv file

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