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      Hi! New to this site and think it’s awesome! The forums are great and I really appreciate that they are friendly to beginners. I have never postedin a forum before, and I apologize if my question istoo wordy or not relevant to the community. My issue is this: I purchased a refurbished Canon HF M40 last year to record drumline andmarching band performances.I like to shoot in FXP (17 mbps) on the M40 and burn to DVD with Roxio. Shooting conditions range from bleachers at pm under stadium lights, gymnasiums (I use monopod when able), concerts on stage,to parade-side.The M40 has nice video (large CMOS sensor), but the lense is too narrow and itneeds a mic for 5.1 surround sound. I priced the Canon WD- 43 wide angle converter lens and external mics, and it gave me pause.

      I wondered if I would be better served (economically) topurchasea newerwide-angle cam with surround soundincluded (would the on-board mic be as good as an add-on?), rather than invest in the lenses and mic for last years cam. Specifically, I was looking at the newSony HDRCX 580 V.

      C. Reportsratedthe 580 very favorably, with better pic. quality than the M40 (as well as Canon G10- go figure?).Is neweralways better? I’m aware the sensor of the Canon islarger than the Sony, and I really want to get the best possible video from what I can afford- a mid to upper range consumer level cam(refurbished when possible). I haveposed this question to salesfolk, who are evenly divided in their responses. I know the Sony has 60p- wouldn’t use it as can’t burn DVDs, and that it has more pixels (though Canon’s are larger).

      I would be so grateful for any angle on this from those much smarter and wiser than I.(Note: Don’t mind if the Canon with added lense is bulkier; pic. quality is most important, in FXP modemainly. For minor differences in video, I would choose the cheapestoption) Also, any comments about improving my video under those field conditions would be so welcome. Thanks so much for reading this.

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      I use Canon cameras and went with the Raynox wide angle adapters they are a little less expensive. Since your camera is a high definition model you need to use quality glass, avoid cheap wide lenses. Also Although the microphones in the camera work OK, you will never go wrong by adding an external mic. you will get much better sound with reasonable audio equipment. You might look at the Zoom H1 its a modest price field recorder that also works as an external mic for your camera.

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      Thank you so much, Mr. Rizzutti! Horse sense was leaning me towards outfitting my Canon, and I guess I was justlooking for some validation on that. I really appreciate your answer, as I was nervous to post a question that I feltwasn’trelevantin a forum communityfull ofprofessionals, discussing gear that cost thousands.

      I’d be less pickyif shootingonly for personal use, however, I do a good deal of work for the public & local community. I donate all my video services and absorb production costs. Although I have never sold a DVD or profited in any way, sales of my productions have earnedthousands of dollars for fundraising events and charity (i.e. Cancer research). It is a greathonor to be a part of worthy causes, butalso hard work, long hours, and expense. I also have donea great bitof archive taping for the Arts(current project 15+ hours footage), as well as Church programs, school musicals, awards ceremonies ,and so forth.

      So, to continue providingfree video, I have to be’cheap’, but absolutely can’t compromise quality.Less-than-great DVD’swon’t sell and are useless forfundraising, and Archive stuff has to be perfect. I amreally glad that I discovered this reallyneat website, with it’s resources and helpful, friendly professionals. I’m always striving to learn how toraise the bar on my production quality; since, forme, it’s all about making people happy & providing community service. Thank you so much for addressing my post. I am truly grateful for your advice. Sincerely, M.B.

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