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      Ok so I finish my documentary, produce it… and then when I replay the voice doesn’t match the lip movement! I was filmming with a camcorder so I did not have a sepearte audio track for the voices! I dont understand whats going on! Does anyone have an explaination for this?

      Thanks for your help.


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      it captured like that or after you edited it an exported it the audio was out of sync?

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      No its only after the problem appears. The original clip is fine but the minute I drop it into the timeline it goes out of sync! Strange isnt it?

      Any thoughts?

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      If the origianl file looks ok, you probably don’t have a problem.

      First check to see if your audio matches the project settings….if you audio is 48 kHz, than you’ll want to make sure your project settings are48kHz instead of 44.1 kHz.

      Also, it is best to use a video format that is native to the NLE….If you are using premiere on a PC than the ideal format would be an AVI using the built in Microsoft DV codec. (this is typically automatic, but there are some exceptions)

      If the format of your video is not native, it will not play smoothly until you render it. If you render it than add an effect, you’ll have to render it again to play properly.

      Another possibility is that your computer may just not be that powerful.

      I could be more specific if I had the following info:

      -Operating system?

      -Software (NLE)?

      -current format of video?

      -how did you get the video from your camera to the computer?

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      Try rendering or exporting a segment to see if the problem is still there…If it is, than you’ll probably have to recapture.

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      well, if your video is a old Bruce Leeku-fu movie then what’s the problem it’s suspose to be like that.

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      LOL thats funny but so true!

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