Video and audio sync.

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      What can I do to prevent audio from being out of sync with video?

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    I had that same problem, and my solution was to import video in fragments of 25 minutes or less. That’s about where the audio/video started splitting on what I imported.

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    Pinnacle seems to be getting flakey. Recently it started losing audio/video sync past the point of a cut.

    Totally not acceptable.

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    Had the same problem ‘ but only with analog footage – digital has been fine

    My solution was to reduce the capture to 20 min batches – which for me, made it easier to edit.

    I have found on my computer system that it is best to run the program on drive C, capture video on drive D,

    and create the project on drive E. and make sure that all other programs are not running in the background.

    I use “end it all ” to shut down non essential stuff and I am still using XP

  • Viewing 3 reply threads
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