Video Advertising for Web 2.0

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      For Videographers making money and getting exposure is what it is all about. Am I wrong? Sure there is the art to consider, but when it comes down to it, we are not all making films. In a time where video hardware and editing software are relatively cheap, most of us can make decent looking video that we can upload to the web. However, our incentives to do so are limited without the prospect of making money.

      Now there seems to be two types of videos we can make. Either those for us or for someone else. And it is probably more likely to reap profit if we making videos for someone else. Now, removing for a moment those of you who do weddings and alike, what have been your best experiences making videos for business, and what have those videos been about?

      Web 2.0 provides a unique opportunity for smaller videos to advertise via video on the web, but what do you think the best ways do to this are? I mean, I don’t see most small businesses making their own video ads. What is going to be our best way to fill this need and profit?

      What types of videos would you make for small businesses. I don’t think consumers are going to the internet to watch television commercials all over again. Something differnet is due, somethign raw and ripe and of course, viral. What do you all think? I see this as an ongoing discourse, and I look forward to your ideas and tangential thoughts. 8)

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      sure pal… you’re soooooo right !
      i’m from the lovely tropics, Rio de Janeiro to be exact.
      After a period as script analyst in London and a sucessful
      author of a screenplay manual, i put up a production video for the web house.
      Here the biz video for web is increasing in a completely chaotic way
      for most producers here think only on producing for broadcast.
      even those that run a ‘webtv’ remain there thinking ways to get
      air time to broadcast… without any segmented public to justify it.
      I’ve been doing strange new videos, boldly gaining small sizes
      of money, but somehow last year, with the ‘youtube’ opening
      all of a sudden everybody wants to have a video in the web.
      Dvds are a key word to get jobs and everybody gets smiling
      when i offer the video to be donwloadable.
      But a word of advice, the compression stuff is very complicated;
      and all the articles come from software providers journalists
      (they feel advertising most of the time), so, the compression
      is going to become a secret undertaking the same as colour correction
      was in past seasons.
      a screenplay workshop through the web
      and watch students digital films.

      salutti, Roman

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