Vibration problems with attached mic

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      I just bought a couple Azden SGM-X Supercardioid microphones.
      The sound they pick up is great


      My camera is a DCR-VX2100
      When I connect the mic to the camera I have it mounted on the shoe (this is not hotshoe device). The mic is picking up all of the vibration sounds from my camera.
      For example: If I am using the handle on the top, I will hear my fingers rubbing against the controls and buttons (Very loudly).

      I guess my question is, HOW DO I DAMPEN THE SOUND? (<-Not yelling).
      I tried putting rubber bands under the connection point of the claw form mic holder. That helped a little but not much.

      The mic mounting piece is metal. If I buy a plastic one or reinforce the base (where it contacts the camera) with rubber, do you think that would do the trick?

      Thanks for any help.

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      Come on guys… I really need some help with this.

      Please. Something. Anything.

      I just need some ideas.


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      The microphone should be suspended in a shock mount. A typical shock mount is a tube with rubber bands at each end suspending the mic, so that the mic never touches anything hard, thus no vibrations are transferred. The key here is that the mic is SUSPENDED. It doesn’t do a lot of good to just have a rubber gasket between camera and mic. B&H sells various mounts, from $29 to over $100. Here are some links to an Azden, a Beyer, and a Rode:




      Hope this helps, 🙂
      Ken Hull

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      Thank you. That was immensly helpful.

      I was just wondering though. I had another mic that I did not have this problem with. WHy is that?


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      I opened up a handheld mic and found it was shock mounted internally. Can’t remember the brand, but the mic itself had a rubber band mount on the inside to prevent the mic from picking up vibrations from the mics body (I remember that old mic didn’t make any clicky/clunky noises that other cheap mics make when using the on/off button).

Viewing 4 reply threads
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