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      I recently purchased the software disc for VHS2DVD which included the driver for the dongle that transfers the VHS to your computer. Needles to say it didn’t work so I tried contacting the help section listed on the software disc. I instantly lost connection to the internet!!!!! I got that fixed for $74.00AU and got an email from them for a ticket I had raised (somehow or other) for the problem I had with it not working. A day or so later I tried using the address in the email to see what was happening and immediately lost connection with the net AGAIN!!!!! Fortunately my ISP supplied a contact who actually knew what he was doing and got me comnected by firstly going into SAFE mode and then back to normal.

      Question is “Does anyone know what this website is doing to my computer settings?”

      Or, “Can anything be done to get them to fix whatever their website is doing to my computer settings?”



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