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      Hi all

      I have a problem i think i know the answer but would like a secound opinion.

      I want to convert my vhs videos to dvd. I have treid using my canon850i as the convetor but all i get is copyright protected error message and the camera stops recording.

      The set up is as follows,
      Video player conected to my camcorder via a scart adaptor ( The one with the in and out switch) then going staight into my camcorder via AV in.

      Do i need a special box to bypass the copyright or is there a way of doing it via a video card in my computer. The video card that i have at the mo is pretty old.

      Cheers for your help

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      What you want to do is not legal and this forum tries to stick to good standards. Internet search will be your best bet.

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      As far as being illegal it depends on if you own the "original". You are allowed to "by law" to make a back up arcivial copy for your own use. If you decide to sell the original you must include the copy or destroy it.

      Do you have a capture card? and video editing software? If you do, hook the VCR to you computer using componet/ S Video and inport ito your NLE.

      hope this helps

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      As i said above these are my video’s of which i want to convert to dvd for my own use.

      As i read the law this is not illegal and as long as i do not sell the copys and just use them for my own use as far as i know this is within the law. Correct me here if i am wrong please.

      Will using a capture card through in my pc get round my problem?

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