V.H.S. to D.V.D.

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      Hi, I wanted to to show everybody an Amazing way to convert VHS to DVD. I use a machine called the Panasonic DMR-EH75V. Its an amazing system and it works like heck. It records Progressive scan and is completely customizable. It also has an HDMI output. The thing is also a DVR. So you can record tapes, DVD’s, and live TV to the DVR then do anything you want with it. Like put it on a VHS (not recommended for “state of the art people”) And slap it on a DVD. By the way You can creat menus and Edit out commercials for things recorded from the tv. It also has an S VIDEO in and out, RCA inputs and a four prong IEED (firewire) input for recording directly to DVD.

      One bad thing, It costs around $300. But if you do full time videomaking for money it will pay for itself. You can also get it off ebay for mondo cheap prices. I recomend getting as many as possible for faster burning, because it is real time and you need to wait for the tape to play all the way through. I like to set up a little studio with multiple copiers lined up with cheap, small tv’s or monitors on top of them.

      What do you guys think of this? Do you think its worth it? if anyone owns one tell us about it?

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      Idida quick look upofthat, and itdoes aparentlyhaveabuilt-in TBC, butitdoesn’tsayifit’s a truefull frame one or not (my guess is not).I’m also notseeingifthisisa true SVHS deck…

      Itseemslike a high quality unitforsomeoneconverting VHSin their home,but for aproIwouldthink a dedicatedprocampandfull frame TBC.Icould be wrongthough… I’ve onlydabbledinthis stuff myself and never had to deal with any old, worn out VHS tapes.

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      I think you are right, Because its kind of a hassle working with VHS. Right now im working on a project. i’ve come down to my last 5 tapes. And this one tape has a bug, it won’t let me record past two hours. No matter how hard i try it won’t let me. I’ve tried everything and waisted 6 light scribed disks and 14 hours of time for the machines to work on it. thats 14 hours that could be spent sucessfully converting VHS. Yet this is where the Hard drive part of it comes into play. I guess i could just record it to the hard drive so the system sees how long it is. Thus NOT stopping at the 2 hour mark.

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