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      Okay. On this forum, everyone is always giving the advice to view your video on a regular TV monitor before burning a disc.

      But my question is, is there any kind of adaptor that you know about that converts VGA or DVI to TV (regular Coax cable).


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      You don’t go out VGA. You do it from FCP going out through firewire to your deck or camera. Then you connect your camera to a TV or monitor. For best results you want to use S-Video when connecting your camera to a TV, but RCA ports will work too.

      Here’s how you do it in FCP. I just answer one of your other posts, so I know you’re using FCP.

      1. Launch FCP.

      2. Go to Final Cut Pro>Audio/Video Settings

      3. At the bottom of the dialog box there will be two drop down menus. One is “Video Play Back” and the other is “Audio Play Back.” Set both to “Firewire NTSC 720X480” or “Firewire DV” (whatever it may say). In mine the Video Play Back is set for “Apple Firewire NTSC 720X480” and the Audio Play back is set for “Firewire DV.” I don’t know why they are not named the same in each menu, they’re practically the same thing.

      4. Now double check by going to View>Video Play Back(near the bottom)>and make sure”Firewire NTSC 720X480″ (or whatever it may say) has a check mark next to it. Next go to View>Audio Play Back>and make sure “Audio Follows Video” is checked.

      5. When you connect a TV or monitor to your camera, speakers should also be connected to your camera. That’s why you set audio to follow the video. You’re telling FCP to send both video and audio out through the firewire and to the camera. If audio does not follow video, audio will come out from the computer tower and will be out of sync because it’s not following the video. Understand?

      So you’re going to have to figure out the sound issue. Whether you use S-Video or RCA to connect the monitor to the camera, you’ll be forced to use RCA to connect speakers to your camera. That’s all there is. So you’re going to need speakers that connect with RCA ports. Actually, you may be able to connect some crappy speakers using the head phone jack, I’ve never tried that before, but you can try. If you get speakers that connect with RCA, I suggest M-Audio DX4 speakers. I use them, they’re only $150, and I know pros use them.

      Good Luck champ. Let me know how things go or if you have more questions.

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      Also note that a TV will work fine if all you’re doing is delivering via DVD. While using a true broadcast monitor looks cool and you may be able to pick up chicks with it, you don’t need it unless your broadcasting your video. There are some advantages to using a real monitor, but nothing major.

      Also, if the external monitor is going to be fairly close to you, don’t use a giant TV. I used to use a 13-inch TV until I got a 15-inch monitor.

      And don’t forget to set color bars on the TV once you have it all set up. I print color bars to tape, then play back so I can see it in the monitor from the tape.

      I always forget how to set color bars, so here’s a link that I always go to:

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      Hey man, Thanks for all your help.

      I have been wondering how to connect the AV to a TV. I thought there might be a way but I could never find anyone that knew.

      Let me ask you one more question…

      Will the method you stated above, allow me to actually use the TV as if it were another monitor.

      Forexample: I am editing my video and I am looking at My 2-monitor setup. but instead of looking at the monitors, I can just use the TV.

      Does that make sense? Thanks

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      No…this set up only allows for you to view the video in FCP. It allows you to see the video the way the viewer will be seeing the video.

      The reason why you wont be able to use it as a second monitor is because the TV is not connect to your graphics card from your computer. I’ve never seen it done before, but I supposed you might be able to use a TV as a second computer monitor. Either way, you can’t use it for both. It’s either to use an external monitor with FCP (or any NLE) or as a second computer monitor.

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      Will the TV take the place of the preview window within FCP?

      Or do I actually have to go through a number of setting to get it to play through the camera and to the TV?


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      I don’t understand what you mean. If you go through the steps I mentioned, it should work.

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