VG20 and VG10 Audio setup for interviews

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      Tell me if this is just plain dumb or not. I’ve just upgraded my wireless lavalier mics to a mid-level unit and thought I would just feed the available 1/4″ unbalanced output from the interviewee mic through an adapter for a micro jack directly to my VG20 (adjusting the volume controls on the
      wireless receiver). I’m simultaneously using a VG10 for a B track and would feed my own mic. to that. I’m using PP5 in the CS5.5 Master Collection. Just missed out on a portable Azden mixer on eBay though. I
      thought I’d get more control over the audio going into the camera with it. I
      know the VG10/20 gets a good rap for sound but I find it picks up too much
      ambient noise for interviews. Am I on the right track or not?

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