VFX Short: The Sammich

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Just tell me what you think and ignore the bad acting!

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acting wasn't THAT bad

when he pulls out the butter knife, add a "ka-ching" sound like he's pulling a sword out of a sheath.

did you make the neighbors nervous with the guns in the street? ;)

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I'm with pseudo,

Acting wasn't terrible for your level of filmmaking. However, there were shots you guys missed that would have added to the pace of your flick. There were close ups of the items you were using for the sandwich but they came later after you got them out the fridge. You should have just skipped to the close ups and it would have been tighter.

Also, the cameraman couldn't keep up with the actor's motions. That threw the timing off as well. There were no extreme close-ups of the knife like pseudo said and none of it spreading the p-n-j. You guys had some major 'screen direction' violations and were crossing the 180 degree line like people use a crosswalk.

Another thing, you kept starting over with wide shots after you'd already got us in close. You don't have to reestablish the overall scene until you either introduce a new character or you change scenes. Constantly pulling the audience in and out of the same scene with wide to medium shots gets annoying fast.

You had a lot of 'dead cuts' where you didn't 'cut on the action'. To keep continuity (flow) within a scene always cut on the action. Oh and every cut to a new scene doesn't have to be a wide shot. Especially when introducing a new character.Unless the setting where the character is has some relevance to what's going on, you can introduce them with a medium close-up or close-up.

One way to spot amateur shooters is how far away they have the talent in the frame. And you don't have to have every character dead center of frame all the time either... really you don't.

Lastly, please turn off the Auto Exposure and use your manual whitebalance settings. That shifting from too dark to too light as you change locations in a single shot is the hallmark of the 'YouTube' special.

You guys put a lot of work into this and other than these basic issues with shooting sequences, camera settings and audio, with more experience and more knowledge your team will be very good at this. The VFX weren't bad, but you've still got a long way to go. Keep at it!

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