VERY fast DVD/Blu Ray duplicator?

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      Hello, I am new to the duplication field, and was hoping you could give me some suggestions on extremely fast DVD/Blu Ray duplicators. I dont need any printing, just burning. I need a machine that can preferably duplicate a ~4GB DVD every 30 seconds or less and the same for a Blu Ray as well. I know these are extremely high standards, but I am willing to look into a machine that can do this that is priced up to $50,000.

      Thanks, and any help would be very appreciated.

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      May be nobody on this forum has a machine cost this price, look on the web industrial DVD using silk screening and duplication. You need a floor space about 20 x 20 and you need contract. I suggest to you find a producer near your location they charge less than 0.70 to duplicate and print on DVD also they can package in DVD case add trap sheet a good DVD case cost between 0.14 to 0.22 and trapsheet 0,25 to 0,79

      Personnaly try to find somebody with all equipment to produce for you is much less problem than start from 0.



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