Very bright light during fashionshow

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      Lately I was at a professionalfashionshow and wanted to do videos, but the light was soooo bright, I couldnt shot anything. I could see the models with my eyes normally, but the camera only saw white light.

      Can someone tell me if I set up some settings wrong? I’m using the Sony NEX-VG10E HD-Camcorder.


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      My first question is; were you on full ‘auto settings’? If so, that was your problem. Auto settings are a pain because they cannot adapt to extremes of light, darkness, etc. I looked up your camera spec’s and it does have manual settings as an option. In program auto, your camera makes the decision to expose for the brightest light. Apparently, it could not adjust to get a proper exposure. Had you been in Manual Exposure, you more than likely would have been able to ‘close down’ your lens aperture enough to not have a scene washed out by the bright runway lights. Next time, go to your location before the event and test your camera settings so you won’t have this problem again. Cameras are good these days, but still not good enough to just turn on and get perfect imagery without some assistance from you the user.

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      Hi Wolfgang. Thank you so much, I had it on autosettings. I will definitly try it out this week! Thanx alot!

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