vegas vs. FCP vs. Avid pro

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      I am going to be starting a company for gues what? Movies. I am looking to continutlly grow in what I do and I don’t wan tto re-learn something after 1 year when I need to get a better program. so out of the big three that I can find that I would like what does everyone else think. between vegas FCP and Avid. I can not seem to aford to buy all 3 abnd see what I like so I will not. I am not worried about price. I will buy what is needed and I jsut want to know the one that people think will gorw with me the most and is easiest to use.

      I really am planning on staying with mac. but I think that I need to give vegas a fair look and see if I need to get a good Pc instead.

      Please don’t make this one of thouse things about mac vs. PC. that is not the topic.

      but any indeas along with a ranking from people would be great.


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      Avid is the industry standard for movie making. From indy films to hollywood blockbusters. Yes, FCP has gained some traction, but the bottom line is this:

      NOTHING comes close to Avid as far as Movie making goes. NOTHING! It’s not even a contest. The film making tools in Xpress Pro are far superior to anything found in any other NLE. Now add in the fact that you can seemlessly bring your project and media to any Avid Post facility for finishing and it’s a no brainer.

      If your goal is to make movies, then Avid is the best tool for the job. check out this article for more info


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