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      I’ve been talking with some people about editing software. I was initially told to check out Vegas, but this new person said the best one to get was After Effects. Now Vegas is about 1/10th the price. Is After Effects really that much better, or just because it’s Adobe?

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      Luis Maymi Lopez

      After Effects and Sony Vegas are not the same thing. Vegas is a video editing program and After Effects is a motion graphics and special effects program. The video editor of Adobe is Premiere Pro which is the one you should be comparing to Vegas.

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      I really like Sony Vegas Pro better.

      Just seems to be a bit more stable.

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      There’s a HUGE group of Vegas users here and elsewhere who are totally comfortable with that video editing program. Enough users that if you ever needed some information regarding a certain situation during your editing, you’d be able to get some knowledgeable answers fairly fast.

      Luis is correct regarding the comparison. As with most any editing program, and based on budget limitations and overall editing needs, the right tool for you isn’t always the top of the line or most expensive. And especially if you’re already familiar with a program like Sony’s Vegas, then you should factor that into your production. While there are folks who jump platforms and/or programs, and are happy they did, others are smart as well to continue to grow with what they already know.

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      Thanks for the confirmation everyone. Based on an email I received and these posts, I now questions this person’s knowledge. If he can’t even compare apples to apples, who is he to be telling me I am using the wrong software. I think I’m going to stick with my gut and just use Vegas Movie studio.

      XTR, A minister friend of mine uses Vegas Pro as well. He operates a Media ministry and uses video as his tool of choice. In fact I received my copy of Vegas Movie Studio Platinum 9 from him when he upgraded to Vegas Pro. Helikes it much better as well, but I’m not there yet. I’m a photographer by trade just learning video. Once I get comfortable with the Vegas I have I will spend the extra money and to upgrade.

      Thanks for the information. This site is great for that.

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      Many folks get confused when comparing Vegas to other programs. Vegas combines many features that other non-linear editors leave out (requiring other programs) such audio editing for example.

      We Vegas users tend to be feral about our NLE of choice but truth be told, find any NLE (and whatever group of support programs like After Effects, Audition, Encore, Sound Forge, whatever….) you feel comfortable using and perfect your skills with those.

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      There is no comparison between the two programs. Vegas Pro is a non-linear editing program that allows you to combine and manipulate video clips, photographs and audio into a completed product. AFX is not an NLE, but a compositing and motion graphics editing program with advanced capacity to create visual effects and complex motion graphic designs using video, photos, graphics and so on. It doesn’t have much capability to work with audio, and you really wouldn’t want it to. The stuff you’d make with AFX would go into your Vegas timeline to complete your project. When the day comes when you want to do advanced compositing or motion graphics beyond what Vegas is capable, then you’d utilize AFX to that work then bring it all back into Vegas to finish your film. The two programs do similar but vastly different things.

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      I agree completely with what is being said here. I use Vegas but have also been toying around with After Effects. I generally have no trouble picking up any program and using it efficientyl very quickly but this is not the case for me and any of Adobe’s programs. Both programs can be downloaded and used for a period of time without cost (30 days I think). I would recommened you try them out. I hope you do better with Adobe’s interface than me but I findinterface quirky and difficult- BUT it is a very powerful program and you can do about anything with effects you can possibly imagine.

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      I thought you were talking about Pro and not Movie Studio.

      Yes, choose Movie Studio if you’re not up to that level yet.

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