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      I’ve used earlier versions of Vegas and they were smooth. Pro 9 is giving me some jerky, stuttering, frame-skippingpreview,mostly during transitions. I’ve tried fiddling with the amount of memory allocated to preview, number of processors, Draft mode in preview, etc. nothing seems to help, though I’ve noticed it seems that if I just keep replaying the same segment several times it gets smoother. It is especially bad when I am using TIFF images, which I suspect is due to their file size. I didn’t seem to have this problem using Pro 8 (and I was using both the 32 and 64 bit version). I am running Vista Business 64 bit on a box with 8GB memory, 2 quad core 3.1 mhz Intel processors (8 total processors). Video card is Nvidia 3200 or 4500, I forget…I think it has 512mb memory…. Any thoughts, tips or ideas?

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      I recommend pre-rendering the transitions to see if it smooths things out.

      It does seem very odd though, your system should just kill. But you may have something when discussing the size of your TIFF’s. Since the video is reduced to, at least, just under 2000×1100 pixels, starting with files much larger will cause Vegas to reduce the image to that size. Although I love Vegas, I’d think the software used to create the TIFF’s would have better quality reductions.

      At least that’s my opinion.

      Hope this helps a bit. And it isn’t arriving too late.

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      I had the exact same issue. How are you accessing the material, NAS or local? That made a big difference w/me. The NAS wasn’t keeping up so I put it on the local disks and voila. Then, I archive on the NAS. I recently upgraded to Gigabit ethernet so that helped. However, if you’re on a peer to peer network don’t expect too much. Domain is the way to go.

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      tiff imagescan bea bit problematic, especially at higher sizes, you may want to try png or jpg files in place of the tiff images and see if that gets better, otherwise accept that you may have to deal with the choppiness at time, or just reduce the quality of the preview to see the effect smoothly, i mean it is just a preview, the final product will be just fine.

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