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      I’ve read a few post similar to what i am trying to do, but nothing that answers it in my case.

      What im trying to do is make the opacity of a video track adjust off a timeline.. like 00:10 sec its 100% and merg’s down to 50% at 00:15, then back up etc etc.

      I’m pretty average at vegas 9, i used 6 forever, so i dont really know which part to look in.

      In the end i’m what im trying to achieve is have multi video tracks going running overlay and adjusting in and out on the opacity to bring out certain moments clearer in individual tracks.

      Any help will be much thanked. If you want to know more, or a better explanation just ask.


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      OK here is something you can try in Vegas 9 and see what you think. get your clips on the time line like you are going to do a multi cam edit but don’t. take your curses on to your top track and drag down you will see a blue line show up in your top video track. This blue line affects the opacity of your top track. click along that line and you will place a node there that is adjustable to what suits you for what you are looking for. Sorry i am not very good at explaining all this but I am trying give it a try and if what i said does not make sense i will try to make myself clearer ok. I just did it on my Vegas 9 and it worked well

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      PS by the way the blue line is called the composite level sorry I left that out I am not so high tech as others around here

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      i understand what you mean.

      much like what you do in event crop/pan.

      tried what you said, i got the blue opacity bar, or composite level as you said, only problem is i can make nodes on it as you seem to be able too.

      still looking around as i write this reply, will reply when ive even givin up or found what you suggested πŸ˜€

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      Ok just double click on the composite mode line then it will leave a node and you can do this as many times as you want, and move the line to your liking between the nodes it works great

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      Hey again, abit slow to reply,

      Once again i double click on the line and no nodes.

      Heres a random video i threw in the screenie the blue line that im trying this on.

      (yes that video is me playing MW2)

      As you can see i draged the line down from top, and the blue line is about 3/4 way threw the clip, with the opacity % showing, (cant see my cursor though? :S)

      Am i even on the same line you speak of? xD

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      OK the line is correct you have got that right. instead of dragging the line down try right clicking your mouse on the track header a box will pop up in the box go to insert/remove envelope then select composite levels and then it should work for you.

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      here is the link to how it should look

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      ah! i got it now. thanks a bunch man, this is going to make things MUCH easier πŸ˜€

Viewing 8 reply threads
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