Vegas Pro 9 and MB (Quick) Looks?

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      Hey guys!

      So, I finally got my hands on Sony Vegas Pro 9, and i am happy to say that i am totally in love with it! But there is a small problem…

      It looks like Magic Bullet Looks wont work with my Vegas Pro 9!

      I installed my Vegas on a evaluation copy of WINDOWS 7 64-BITS, and as far as i can tell, everything is amazingly fast! But i cant make Looks work with it. I installed it, but it wont appear on the Video FX part.


      So i ask you, please, be my savior =P and help me with this problem… =D


      PS: Quick question: If i am working on a 64-BIT OS, does that mean that i am working twice as fast than a 32-BIT OS?

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      They are working on 64 bit drivers for MB.

      Before installing or purchasing software, please always be sure to check the system requirements.

      Best of success

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      NormanWillis is right MB will not work on the 64 bit as of yet but it will work in V9 and 32 bit

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      So, if i want to have MB looks, i have to install Vegas Pro 9 32-BITS?

      Will my workflow be really slower if i do change? And how many times is a 64-BIT Vegas than a 32-BIT?

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      Some people have both versions installed on their computers (64 and 32 bit), apply their effects in 32 bit and render in 64. The more I think about it the more I can see that 64 bit computing isn’t quite there yet. I installed 32 bit Vista on my desktop because I knew there were some major compatibility issues with some of my software. It would be nice, someday, to have more than 2 gigs ram available to my programs.

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      Hey, sorry to bring up an old post. But i’m having the same issue, except im using vista and not 7. Tomsde mentioned that “some people have both versions installed on their computers … apply their effects in 32 bit and render in 64” I was wondering how this is done? i tried to do this by copying and pasting from one version to the other, which doesn’t work as you can’t paste, i also tried by saving my project and then opening in 64 bit, i then get an error saying i have missing projects. I’m wondering if i’m just being an idiot here and missing something, or if it actually isn’t possible to do what tomsde said?

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