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      I’m adding credits at the end of a children’s Christmas play with Sony Credit Roll. The credits roll too fast. Ive slowed the playback rate and also the undersample rate but the roll is still a little fast to my taste. Is there some way to slow it a little slower? When I drag the cut on the right to lengthen the clipit just loops to a second roll of the credits and plays them again.

      Thanks in advance for any help.

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      In the very top of the media window (the window in which you write the credits) there is a place where “Lenght” is written, and next to it there is a box with a determined time. Try to increase that time, but also notice that if you increase too much you may need to make the credits in the TIMELINE longer.

      Hope it helped,


      P.S.: Thanks for asking this, becouse i opened my Vegas and i was looking where the time thing was and i finally found the Protiper! lol… =D

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      Thats the way to do it make the length longer and your credit roll will go as fast or slow as you want it

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      Thanks shippocaio & daryldrj. I feel dumb now, it was right in front of me the whole time lol. That took care of the problem. THANKS!

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