Vegas Pro 11 missing AC-3 PRO?

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      I am not sure what happened. I know I had it before, but I recently reinstalled Windows, and all software. After I installed my Vegas Pro 11 (newest build 683), I finished up a project and I do not see an option to encode in ac-3 pro for use as a DVD and Blu-Ray audio stream. Is this not included with Pro 11? Was it using an old encoding option from the 10 I upgraded from? (I cannot do this anymore as I deleted my Vegas 10 download that I upgraded from) I am baffled, and quite disappointed if this is the case. I have even just reinstalled Pro 11 and still do not have that option. Any clues? I don’t want DVD architect messing with my audio… I see ac-3 studio option, with no customizations available, and I know from past experience that DVD Architect still doesn’t like this format without re-encoding.

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      Another thing I have noticed and not sure how to get to work again: Before I re-installed, I was able to drag media clips from any windows folder and drag it right into the timeline and it would load into Vegas. Now it appears I cannot do that anymore and I have to use the explorer INSIDE Vegas which… yuck… cumbersome.

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      AvatarHarvey Barnes

      I just checked my Vegas Pro 11 (build 683).

      It has both the “Dolby AC-3 Pro (*.ac3)” and Dolby AC-3 Studio (*.ac3)” codecs available. 5.1 options don’t show up unless you set your project to surround sound (FILE>PROPERTIES).

      Drag & drop from a Windows folder works fine for me. Make sure the file you are dragging in is compatible with Vegas.

      I’ve never had an issue with DVD Architect handling AC-3 files. I believe it uses the same Dolby codec as Vegas Pro.

      You might try re-installing DVD Architect again, as the Dolby codec might be part of this installation.

      Good luck.

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      Well reinstalling DVD Architect seemed to fix the ac3-pro problem in Vegas. What I meant previously is that ac-3 studio still had to be re-encoded for a final disc in DVDA, where as ac-3 pro does not.

      Still not sure why I cannot drag files straight from folders into the timeline like I used to…

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