Vegas Pro 10 on a Netbook

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      Am I crazy? Maybe…

      My laptop died just in time before I leave on vacation. I wanted to use it for storing my video files that I captured. Since it is still under warranty – but no time to send it in before I leave – I needed to find a solution. Alas I picked up a $250 netbook tonight. I was able to install Vegas Pro, and open it, but was unable to upload any files before the battery died. So it is recharging at the moment.

      What are the odds I will be able to do any kind of editing with this setup – with AVCHD files no less? I do not plan on rendering anything, just nightly editing into project files so that when I get home I can transfer everything over and render on a more suitable computer?

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      Many problems in short time, the best solution is to transfer all movies and pictures to the SD memory card in your camera only go to Staples stores and buy High speed memory card to fit in your camera, shot movies and dump it on the card. For your computer you can buy an adapter to read the card it look like a memory plug and fit in any USB port.

      A 32 gig cost about $80 I think that is a cheaper solution and much more secure to travel.



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      I use 32GB cards, but will end up with more footage. Putting the files onto the netbook is not the problem – we will find that out in a bit when I try a test edit πŸ˜‰

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      My old 2003 desktop was pretty limited and I couldn’t edit 720p content it, a $250 netbook will probably be similar. You won’t be able to watch your footage as you edit, but you should be able to edit it just fine

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      Hey Double,

      Just offhand, your Netbook may not have the juice to push AVCHD files. Check the specs for your version of Vegas to see what the minimum requirements are. Also, it would be less hassle to get a portable external USB harddrive from Western Digital or a similar company than using an SD card to store and do edits with. You could get one from Wal-mart for the same price as a 32GB and get 250GB or more. Editing with USB is slooooow though.

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      Well… it works… with persistence, but that was to be expected. I can go at a decent speed finding cuts if I get to the general area and then advance 1 frame at a time to pinpoint it (alt+arrow). It even plays AVCHD files, but at about 50% speed. I don’t really plan on buying a ton of accessories for this thing, so will end up editing right on the main drive. It is family vacation so there won’t be any crazy effects going into it. If it gets too crazy, I will just wait until I get home I guess!

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