Vegas Pro 10 32 vs 64 bit

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      Any real noticeable performance improvements if I am using 64 bit versus 32 bit Vegas Pro 10?

      I am running a Quadcore i7 with 9gb of 1333 RAM 1GB ATI Radeon 5870 3 1TB harddrives, 64-bit Windows 7 Ultimate.

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      If your Comp is running 64bit OS you can load both versions and bounce between the two. There are still some plugins that have notmade it to 64bit themselves that I use and will not run on the 64bit version. I find that things seem to run much smoother in the 64bit relm. Editing in native AVCHD the sample palybacks seldom slideshow for me.

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      The 64-bit version will allow you to use all the RAM on your computer vs. the 3 GB. limit of 32-bit.

      Mike Kujbida

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