Vegas or Avid Xpress Pro?

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      My partner and I are producing a comedic outdoors show and will be doing everything ourselves – scripting, acting, shooting, editing, titling – all in house. We are both pro musicians. I am wondering (after visiting the Avid website and watching the demos) which program would best fit our needs, Vegas or Xpress Pro? I have experience with Acid Pro and Pro Tools M-Powered and have done local radio commercials and my partner has used Vegas to produce local TV commercials. We are looking to launch this program regionally and hopefully take it national. Anyone have a suggestion as to which would best suit our needs and if you do, could you elaborate a bit as to why you think one over the other? Keep in mind, we’re from the Frozen Tundra here in Green Bay, WI, and like to drink beer. Our sponsors’ brand, of course!

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      Asking what NLE software will best suit your needs is a bit subjective and also requires a bit more information, mainly, what are you intending to tape on? (i.e. mini dv, hdv, betacam….. a format would be helpful to know) Secondly, research the programs, try out the demo versions of these programs to see what you like. There are plenty of sites, forums etc. to help you get information about your production needs.

      Now, since you asked, I like Sony’s Vegas. (not vegas studio, but the full version). Very stable, easy to learn and very powerful. Vegas 7 can edit HDV on the timeline. There are tons of 3rd party tools you can add to it to make the workflow faster. You don’t need a super powerful computer to run the program, but the faster the processor, the better the experience. You don’t need a mega video card as vegas uses the systems processor or processors to render.

      But, don’t just go on my words here, there is a plethora of NLE’s out there.


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      Vote +1 for Vegas, my tool of chocie.

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      We will be shooting on miniDV and DV, editing in either Vegas or Xpress Pro and then mastering to Beta which the television stations here all require. Just wondering if anyone has experience with Xpress Pro and can justify the additional expense of the program and the hardware interface Mojo, which is supposed to take a major load off your computer.

      Two more questions if I might. We need 22 minutes of footage for a 30 minute program. We’ve never had to render something that long. Any idea of rendering times in Vegas vs Xpress?

      Also, we have a Panasonic AGDVX100B camera and need to add another. Any suggestions? Of course price is an object – don’t want to cut into the beer fund more than nessessary. Oh, which brings up another thought – how’s multicamera editing in Vegas or Xpress? We’re rookies in that regard.

      Thanks in advance to all with ideas to share…

      Dr. Rock – Red Wiggler Productions, Titletown, USA

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      I’m a big Sony fan in general. I highly recommend Vegas, as does Videomaker magazine in the Feb ’07 issue. If you really need multi-cam editing on screen, go to VASST and you can purchase on inexpensive plug-in. But I’ve done all my multi-cam editing just using the timelines. And the color correction & time adjustment functions are a dream to work with.

      As for your rendering question, the answer is, "It depends." If you’re capturing your video as .avi’s and then rendering to the same quality .avi’s, then the rendering will take place at the rate the system can copy files, i.e. extremely fast. What will slow the process down is doing tings to the video. The transitions, graphic keys and any modifying of the video will slow the rendering down, depending on the tasks. I’ve rendered 15 minute shows in less than 10 minutes and on the other hand, it’s taken nearly 10 minutes to render an effects heavy 90 second PSA. But all in all, if your video is good to start with, your typical program will render in less time than the show actually runs.

      Good luck with your project. And plan for a long haul to get it going.

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