vegas movie studio hd platnum 11 question

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<h3>I am making videos from a gopro2 set a 720-60fps wide angle. After doing my
first vid thru vegas movie studio hd platnum 11 I did not get the resolution
after rendering and uploading to vimeo like I was getting with windows movie
maker live uploaded to vimeo. I also ended up with a long period of black
footage after uploading to vimeo on my first vegas video.
<p class="br">This is all new to me but have been using wmml for about a year
and am wanting to switch to vegas platnum 11. Take a look at the 2 comparisons
below and let me know what you think.
<p class="br">I guess i need to know what to start my vegas project off as and
what to render to when using the gopro2 at 720-60 wide. Thanks in advance for
the help.
<p class="br"> - Originally
rendered thru vegas studio 11. It had a long black period left after uploaded to
vimeo and did not appear to have the resolution of the vimeo video below.
<p class="br"> - redered thru
windows movie maker live in hd.</h3>

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when you start a vegas project, you can check a box to make the settings match your source video.