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       I have an Casio Exilim EX-FH25 high speed camera that i use right now but i have a big problem! it produces .AVI files that work fine in win7(VLC) and in movie maker, prism file converter and so on but not in Vegas, my preferable choice for editing. the thing that happens is that the movie looses the sound. i get a soundtrack in vegas, but its blank. I have installed “gspot” to check and it sais that the codec is installed, but for some reason vegas does not use that particular one.

      Audio Codec info from Gspot: 0x0011 (DVI ADPCM)

      Sure i can use moviemaker to first convert the film to some other format, but its a pain to do that and i loose quality.

      If someone can help me to install this codec for Vegas, alternativly give me the name of a free converter program that can only change the sound to another codec but keep the film intact.


      I have uploaded a supershort movie(5mb) that are totaly uncut from the camera so you can test for your self.

      the movie can be found here.

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      Not sure what to tell you there, it opens just fine in Vegas Pro 10

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      Audio was fine for me as well. Pro 10

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