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      Just got this program, my question is i have down loaded my movie from my sony DV camcore using windows movie maker and now that i have this new vegas program some of my audio does not sound, is there something in vegas that a need to click? please help i really want to learn more about vegas..

      thanks rockie on board!

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      what files did you put in vegas? what’s the extension? .MTS? .mpeg? what are the files?

      Sometimes, it’s the type of files that are wrong. I use AVCHD cameras in Vegas movie studio at work so if you tell me what files, I can help some.

      It could also be possible that the audio didn’t work or something. Let me know.

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      what format is the file? If it’s not too much trouble, I would recapture the file with vegas. The problem could be in so many different places. Without more info, it’s hard to hit your problem more squarely.


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