vegas glitch?

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H.264 and DV-AVI have saved fine for me (though it took so long) on me seemingly too-slow to do video 1.66GHz dual core system. H.264 embeded in a web page by plug-in form does not allow shrinking to fit. I've never had success saving thirty minutes of footage as a WMV file, however, without the rendering dropping out and turning black and later losing sound altogether after two minutes. It's not just the preview that does this, as the file after rendering shows nearly the same thing. Once it came out of 0.5 seconds of blackness and stopped. During the rendering process, it doesn't even tell me, but just blanks away while rendering.

Is this a problem with the Vegas program, or is it merely my computer, or does WMV not support video lengths this long? Any other format's been successful but this one. still confused.