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      Using an hp media center, Sony incidcated after 3hours of trying, that Media centers ar problematic and are not really suited for editing and capture (its been working fine for 4 months) HP said it was not their problem (even thoght the computer crashed 4 times in 7mo) I switched to my other computer Proserio (non media) same exact problem.
      Capture says ‘Run Time Error can not open veg60.exe??? Some how I accidently fixed this once before, capturing off a Sony VX 2100. Now no body knows anything???
      Any one have a suggestion???? Thanks Frank

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      I figured it out. Sony could not correct it, HP could not correct it but accidentally, I changed One simple setting in the device manager, ONE little block, and not it works fine. If you need a list of setting, let me know

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