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Is there a way to tell if a sony pro project file is vegas 8 or 9? I inherited an editing project from another companywith all off the files deliverd to me on a hard drive.

I have vegas 8 and I can open some of the files but other project files I get the message not a recognized file format.

I looked at the file details but did not see anything obvious that gives me a clue. The project files I can't open have a newer date

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Use a binary editor, like Textpad, and look around location 1A0 to 200.? You can see samples of two random veg files I picked here:

Also, if you are running Version 9, then it won't matter because version 9 will open version 8 VEG files. But not the other way 'round.


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Yea its on the Vegas Forum as well if its done in Vegas 9 you cannot go back to Vegas 8. Find out what version they have. You could also convert the files through another program then bring it into 8 something like that

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I had not thought of looking at the file. I opened the file with a program called notepd++ (Not sure if this is a similar program)but could not see what you see in the picture you posted. I saw the word NULL alot.

I am running version 8. daryldrj
Since my client recieved the files from company that they have severed ties with I can't really call them to see if they moved to version 9 during the project.

All of the video files delivered are OK. Just tryin to understand why I get the non supported file error on some of the project files. If I can confirm that they are version 9 files then I would make a decision if itwould be worthwhile to upgrade.

The work I picked up is to make 2 minute group specific videos for the client. It may not be worth the upgrade.

Thanks for the info and I would appreciate any other ways that may let me confirm the file format.



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