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      I am planning on buying my first NLE editor soon, however I have never edited video with a computer. I want to get either an editing appliance such as Casablanca for ease of use, or a standard turnkey editor with Vegas 5 as the editing software.

      I find that most jobs I get require 2-3 cameras. My main camera is usually connected to an audio mixer with 2-3 Mikes. The other two are not, but I need to dub the audio of camera 1 to the video of cam 2 and 3 with frame accurate editing for lip sync. I want to make sure that whichever digital system I choose will support multicam editing effectivley with minimum hassle.

      The casablanca editors have a software called Quadcam which is supposed to be able to edit up to 4 cameras. However, my understanding is that once synced up and ready to edit, you have to edit on the fly, in real time. There is no provision to stop, rewind scroll through or otherwise review your edit points until commiting your selection to your “master track” I would rather not do it this way unless I had to.

      If anybody is still with me, this brings me to the point of my post.
      I have heard that Vegas is a professional, stable reasonably easy to learn system that has a multicam feature called Excalibur. A plug in?
      How would this compare to the casablanca method? (IE)

      Can you see the video of your sources on screen when you edit, or just the timeline.?
      Can you scroll through your synced footage to choose your edit points?
      Are your timecodes displayed while you edit?
      Would an editing appliance with only 1 or 2 video tracks and using a storyboard interface be able to edit a 3 or 4 cam shoot?

      I would appreciate any comments from you guys and Ladies who have done multicam editing or especially those who have used Vegas-Excalibur to edit a shoot.

      I just need to be pointed in the right direction as to the type of system I need. Thanks for any help you can give me.

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      This subject has been totally ignored in my two previous posts. When I do a wedding or worse a dance recital the sync between the audio from one track and video from multiple cameras is critical. If lips dont match the sound, a wedding is a disaster. If a dancer isnt in sync with the music, the production is worthless. I even tried keeping the audio with the video on each track but even small jumps forward or back distract from the video and sound levels are deplorable.
      Now software! I wasnt aware that Vegas 5/Excalibur would even do syncing. I have read that Pinnacle Liquid Edition 6 does but I cant get a conformation. See my last post.

      Good luck I dont think anyone on this forum has experience with these packages, on the features we need.

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      I want to thank both compusolver and drafter for taking time to respond to my post. I guess I was hoping for someone that uses Vegas to say it can edit a multicam setup and do it rather easily, but that didn’t happen. I didn’t realize Vegas was that hard to learn. My only question now is, is Studio 9 capable of editing a multicam shoot? Is there any special software you need to sync it all up? I dont really need a very fancy editing system with too many bells and whistles, I just want to make sure I can edit three (or four) cameras being used at one event. ONe close up, one wideangle and one handheld all recording different things going on in the room at once. Thanks again guys. Studio 9 seems to be getting some good points here. πŸ˜•

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      Amen Brother! My problem is identical to yours. I don’t need all the bells & whistles. Movie Maker 3 would do if it could sync multiple cameras.
      OK I’ll try one of these Emoticons.

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      I may not understand what you mean by syncing two cameras – at least on the NLE front.

      I regularly use 2 miniDV cameras to tape city council meetings. One is set up always focussed on the council table, a wide angle shot, in LP mode (90 minutes on a tape). Once it starts up, I do not touch it again (well, not for 90 minutes).

      The other is used from the side of the room to zoom in on council members’ faces and or audience members whenever it gets interesting. It runs in SP mode. (Using the two modes gives me 30 minutes between tape changes if necessary. The overlapping video gives me a complete audio record of the meeting. I start and stop the second camera frequently.)

      Then in post production (editing time), using Adobe Premiere Elements ($99) on a very fast AMD 64 bit machine with lots of memory, I put the A roll (the view of the council) on track 1, and clips from the B roll on track 2. Subtitle text goes on track 3, Titles on track 4.

      I have had little trouble aligning the sound tracks of 1 and 2, you can see loud noises and quiet spots on the timeline, and a little dragging back and forth of the clip does the job. Then I use whichever soundtrack is better during the B track clip.

      I guess I could run both cameras continuously, so I would only have to do the syncing once per tape cassette, but I percieve that there is extra rendering in that case.

      So far the results have been excellent.


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      Thanks fts1 & compusolver

      Being new to non-linear, I was led to think this was very time consuming to line up clips acurately.

      I’ll try some trial software as fts1 recomends. The software compusolver mentioned is “United Media’s Multicam” but at $300.00 U.S.D. for Multicam and $700.00 for “Premiere Pro” it pushes past my limit.

      Thanks again

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      Thanks to FTS1 and compusolver,

      On your recomendation I bought PS9 and so far it seams really easy. Hank’s frequent mention of PS9 was my deciding factor and I spent 1/4 as much on it as Liquid would have been.

      I’ll report back later on sync’ing multi- cameras.


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