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      I recently purchased Vegas 4. I made this choice after several months of examining various programs.

      I chose Vegas for several reasons. 1)I runs great on a humble computer 2)I have read of the massive learning curve of Premier & not a large curve for Vegas. 3)Videoguys was running a sale with Class on Demand DVDs for Vegas.

      Another reason, but not a major point at the time was some people on this board sang the praises of Vegas, I figured, I might be able to get some help from those people on this sight.

      A few days ago, I came to a point in Vegas were I needed some practical application help. Information that was not on Class on Demand, actually it was, but not in a way my simple brain would put 2 & 2 together. I asked Lee Delgado for some help. I must say, his response was quick and direct. He answered my question with pictured diagrams, which was far more than I expected. Lee’s example of camaraderie on this board is what we should be doing more of with one another. I’m not saying no one has ever refused to help me, but this example just brings a smile to my face. Thanks Lee!

      Changed like Saul,

      Chris Folsom

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