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      Hey guys,

      I have always been interested in videographe, and would potentially love to
      start a video production business doing green screen productions. Some of my
      ideas would be doing wedings, Company business product proposals, and if you
      can think of anything else I might try it would be great.

      I love my day job and would not give it up very quickly, but sadly it does
      not pay very well. The primary reason for starting a video production business
      is to combine my passion with bringing in some extra income.

      My questions are the following:

      Would this be a good sight to bounce ideas and be mentored in, concerning
      the ins and outs of video production and the business of it? Im really serious
      and determined to make this work. But I believe that having the right peoples
      wisdom and being teachable is essential.

      Secondly I have mostly used the camera on my family and have not done much
      blue screening. I would appreciate you opinion on the following? This is just a
      test video to work out the quarks.


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      Sure, I think people on this forum provide lots of ideas. Now, I doubt anyone will provide you with raw concepts. But as far as providing solutions to problems you may run into, the people here are great.

      I wouldn’t say this a good site to be mentored. I think the word mentor suggests someone who you’ll be working with in-person. But again, this site is great for advice and guidance.

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      I agree with Rob in that what you are asking would come from a consultant not a mentor. Getting mentored means to be guided through a process under the instruction of someone experienced in said process. ‘Bouncing ideas’ is code for ‘free information you plan to profit on with no intent of compensation.’

      That said, the VM Forums are an excellent resource for basic to intermediate level information, problem solving, etc. If you’re looking for info on the process of starting up a production company, read my VM article online “Starting a Video Production Company: What You Need to Know”. It outlines the basic steps and was the exact path I and many others used to get the ball rolling. There are also many other articles and videos here which can help you decide whether you want to roll with this or not. Video Production is an awesome way to make a living when things go well. However, like any business it’s not for the faint of heart. But, if you’re truly passionate about the work it may be just the thing for you….

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       I am not sure why my posts disappear, but I was explaning that I recently volunteered to help with video business questions and I would be happy to help guide you through the process of developing a video production business. As composite1 indicated, starting a business is a major committment and that should be the first thing you consider. The referenced article does a good job of explaning the issues, however, it won’t make much sense to you until you can put it into your own context. Let me know how you want to proceed.

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      Hi Guys,

      Thanks, for the input. I really appreciate the encouragement. Unfortunaly
      they guys I have approached in the real word are so busy and are quite
      protective of their own business that they really dont want to let me learn anything
      from them.

      My strategy would be to put a blue screen production together and then for
      the client to see the value in it and hopefully purchase the production.

      e.g.: I could do a production on a wedding venue. This would in tail some
      panning shots back ground music, extra. Then have someone come on and run
      though what the facility has to offer in the context of a blue screen.

      I would then approach the company with the end product and see if there interested.
      The company could potentially send out the final video production to bridal
      companies looking for a wedding venue.

      At the moment this is all an idea, do you think it’s a viable one. Later on
      I would like to pick your brains on equipment especially lighting!


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       Quinton, I share your frustration in networking with other local videographers. Very small business owners keep things close to the vest. Don’t give up on trying to establish a network. Check out local industry events, local advertising and get a handle on who is doing what in your area. Check out their websites and contact them to see if there is any opportunity to help with production, even on a volunteer basis. Don’t try to get right to the point of how you can make money. Dealing with people is all about what’s in it for them or what are they all about. You will learn a lot about what is going on just by showing up. Just ask Woody Allen (90% of life is just showing up)

      I have had good success with my local library getting books on making money in video production. You can also look at Amazon for books. Don’t forget Videomaker archives, tons of stuff there.

      As for your business idea, there might be some value in your idea, however, doesn’t this require access to the venue in advance? If you are shooting at the venue, wouldn’t it makes sense to just include the host/hostess in the shot instead of dealing with it a second time?

      Getting good green screen is tricky. I would need to think about the concept some more to see what makes sense.

      I can see putting a demo together in cooperation with one venue and then marketing to demo to other venues. You better have a good handle on the production costs as I suspect you will have a tough time getting more than a few hundred dollars for that product.

      If you are proposing shooting and producing in advance, then trying to sell the video, that sounds like a bad idea. I have seen a lot of “cruise ship” photos left on the shelf every night. Unless you have a high success rate, you will lose on the time and effort spent selling one or a few.

      Develop your idea further and let’s visit again.



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