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      Hiya! I was wondering if you could help me out.. Basically, I record something with fraps, a game for example, and I want to edit it in Vagas Pro 11.

      I select the video file, open it in Windows media player and the quality is fine. However, I open it in VP11 and the quality takes a turn for the worst. The script is almost unreadable!





      This is incrediblyfrustrating, I’ve watched most youtube tutorials on how there might be a possible fix. Nothing found. I’ve tried Fraps and Bandicam.

      I found you guys, hopefully, you can help?


      EDIT; to view full size, open in new tab

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      I dont really see those pics as links, but what VP11 is probably doing is giving you a preview mode that is not full quality. You can change the preview modes to higher quality through the menu – labeled preview! What it is likely doing is automatically setting it at a much lower setting for smoother playback. Especially since Fraps captures RAW video with insanely high bitrates. I have used fraps, and usually my video files straight from fraps are around 10GB per minute of video. This takes a hefty computer to play back smoothly. Especially while editing.

      The good news is that it is only the PREVIEW that is lower resolution. Try making an output file in HD, and see what you end up with!

      EDIT: I can see the full size pictures and I 99.9% guarantee that that image is only the preview you are seeing while editing.

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      Thanks, I feel dumb now xD

      Problem seems to be sorted.. 😀

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