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      I got this little VADO camcorder from Creative:

      I really like it, because it really does fit in a pocket, and when you take it out to film, it look more like a phone and people don’t realized they are being filmed so I get more real conversations and short event films. Anyways for such a small camera, I get great stuff, and the HD is really clear,

      Now, it seems that you need to run the software that comes on the camera to view movie on you computer. Once the codec is installed though, I have been able to watch the movies with Windows Media Player.

      The VADO allows you to edit the video on the VADO, but the little screen is good for filming, but I think it is a little small for editing.

      I mostly work from a PC. I would like to know if there is a good film editor that will edit the VADO clips?

      I want to string them together, with some light audio wrok and transistion and text between cuts.

      I know for apple there is Final Cut Pro, but what about PC?

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      BUMP – Anyone?

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      Your VADO records in h.264 format which most editors except.

      You can check out the free trail of sony vegas here:

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