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      Please, Im desperate here. Mainly cuz im new at most of this. Ive “edited” videos before, by cutting and pasting clips and slow-mo effects and music to make music videos and trailers, but now i want to do more. But I need help. Ive downloaded 4 or 5 trial versions of various software and none of them have exactly what Im looking for. Granted, Im new and those programs are complicated, so maybe im just impatient. But if anyone here can help, please email me at aaron.mcdonald1@us.army.mil

      Here is what i need help with:

      Particles. On one trial version (Audodesk Combustion), it only lets me SEE the bottom half of the rendering when im finished, so thats notmuch help when it comes to making movies. Plus it took me a while to figure out how to use it. I want something to be simple, and yet can give me what i ask for. Another trial was ParticleIllusion. Tons of particle emitter library things to choose from. One problem: the timeline. How the hell do i use it? And what is up with the “background image” thing? And why is the “image” skipping around on the timeline? Yes, it may be that my computer is crap and slow and all that. But if i didnt have to download 5 trials just to make one movie, im sure my computer wouldnt be so slow. Ok, and so i put a particle thing on the image, and now how do i make it move WITH the image? and how do i make it go away? After Effects by Adobe is, so far, the most frustrating thing on the planet. The particle playground is NOT for my kind: impatient.


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