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      I saw a similar post to this but can’t find what i’m looking for hence my question.

      Basically i would like to utilize web cam technology to create snippets of my daily life around my home. I thought that the best way might have been to get a security system that records what the camera picks up on motion detect. I then plan to edit the shots taken & create a kind of web blog.

      What equipment should i consider purchasing? I’d like indoor and outdoor cams.

      Do i need specific editing software?

      Can i record all cameras onto one hard disc?

      Many thanks for reading and i hope to hear from someone soon.

      Greetings from sunny Amsterdam.

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      Grinner Hester

      If you’re pretty, live cams are perfect. If not, take it all in to Premiere and spruce it up.

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      I am pretty but live cams are something for the future.

      My question was more about what equipment should i use to create what i am doing.

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      I just LOVE a modest lady!!

      I’ve seen one of these warts & all type of vids on the BBC I think and it was recorded on a couple of webcams kitchen and bedroom (really!!) and a camcorder in the main living area (it was open plan).

      That one was also used for moving to different areas and also to give different angles of the same room (sun came through the windows so the guy had to move it) Can’t remember what it was called but I do remember it was made as an art project.

      I don’t know whether the guy had a video mixer or whether he hooked the webcams up to two computers. As for software to edit, start at about 50euro and work upwards. When I first edited I used Serif’s MovieMaker which was about that price at the time but I rapidly moved on to Avid Express Pro and now I use that or Premier Pro – both of which are a whole lot more than 50GBP!!! In between, price-wise, there are things like Pinnacle which I’ve never used. Or if you want to go down the Mac road, Final Cut is a top piece of software.

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      Grinner Hester

      pics or ban!

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      Was that an Apple Monitor on Tom’s desk in the video or an HP?

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      Thought so. A little ‘cross-platform’ action rollin’ at VM huh?

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      Lady Ana, here’s a link with simple directions on how to set up a single webcam setup. I will add more information/resources as I can find them. Check this one to get a start for now.

      THIS one is way beyond my pay scale, but it might offer you more information going in another direction.

      And here’s another site: “Using Multiple Cameras to Monitor Effectively” that might help you out.

      I picked a few at random when I did a Google search on “How to set up multi-webcam systems” so there may be others you can check out as well.

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      Thanks EarlC. I think your reply is the most helpful but it still didn’t give me the answers i need. Have discovered an interesting feed on a forum here 10 months ago and am investigating what was said there.

      The link to that feed is http://videomaker.com/community/forums/topic/multiple-webcams

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