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      I’m creating an information video to help young people cope with their lives. I would like to use a few clips, from various YouTube contributors, showing unacceptable viloence and messages of hate. We see the bradcast news using them all the time. Are there legalities involved?

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      Well, for starters you are intending to use other folks videos – Do you have their or (more poignantly) the copyright owners permission?

      Fair Use (what gives the news the right to use them) is really not as well defined as most would like – If you are serious about this I would 1) Contact the person who put the video online and ask for their permission and/or 2) Speak to an intellectual property attorney to see what options you have under “Fair Use”.

      On second thought, just go straight to option 2.

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      Grinner Hester

      go with option 1.

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      Remember, if you usea clip off of YouTube it will be low quality and about the size of 480 x 320. I downloaded a video once and the quality was horrible. I would ask permission and see if they would send you the raw files for credits to get the highest quality videos.

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      Without prejudice

      1) TV show only few seconds of YT video and each time mention that is a YT video display the YT logo etc … this is a good pub for YT and YT gain each time in popularity.

      2) Place on YT a video, whom own the rights after upload. Curiously try to remove the video YT use video to add advertizing on and most of the time the keywords attract your competitors.

      Before to upload on YT your video thinkis much better to pay for a Vimeo account and have all options to delete or change the video.



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      Excellent answers, all.Thanks for the input. I should have researched potential content, before posting. It seems YouTube has cleaned up it’s allowable content (as has Vimeo). I could not find anything suitable.

      I’ve decided to go another route, I won’t use anything I haven’t created myself…

      I will consider opening a Vimeo account.

      Once again, the Videomaker community has come through 🙂

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      Even if you somehow find a way to use another person's video clips without gaining there permission, you are likely to get a lot of bad publicity in doing so.  That's true, especially if your video project goes viral or gets national attention with social media.  
      Just best to ask the person involved for permission to use their clips.
      Considering the noble nature of your video project, it won't be too hard to attract contributors who will volunteer their video for use, at least once you explain how they will be helping others.
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