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      I am considering a Blackberry.What file format does a Blackberry (or other cell phones, for that matter) use?Will I be able to simply pull the micro SD card out of the phone and put it in the PC and edit it, or will I have to jumpthrough hoops first?I am interested in anyone’s experiences with this sort of thing, not necessarily just Blackberries. Thanks!

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      For anyone who reads this and had the same question, here’s an update:

      Most cell phones shoot video in .3gp format and the resulting file has a .3g2 extension. I can import those files intoPinnacle Studioand edit them. Adobe Premiere Pro won’t open them though. If it’s necessary, I can convert them using freely downloadable software or encode it in Pinnacle to a new file type and then import it in Premiere Pro. It can be done if it has to be.

      Windows Media Playerwon’t play them, though. Had to install Quicktime for this format (the only one).

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