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      Is is possible to "stack” two BeachTek XLR adaptors and use them simultaneously. I sometimes need to record remotely using 3 or 4 mics, and the portable mixer solutions are either too expensive ($500+) or they don’t have XLR inputs. I already have one BeachTek XLR adaptor. Is there any reason I couldn’t use two and then mix the two 1/8” outputs into a single 1/8”? Our camera takes a mic input only.

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      Compusolver – you’ve done your homework, so I’ll throw this at you first.

      BeachTek recommends condenser mics on the DXA 2S which is designed as a two channel system for many mini dv brands. So when it comes to an old fashioned news type interview the reporter could use several options including lavalier and shotgun etc. Additionally, the DXA matches the impedence of the mini stereo jack on the DV. Now… let’s say we just want the dynamic mic with a flag look and we opt for the Beyerdynamic MCE 58 with a battery power source. Being that the MCE 58 touts an unbalanced output – Is it possible to forget about the BeachTek until we need two channels?

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