Using the LCD Screen in Sunlight

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      Hi: I have got a Sony HDR-SR10E Handycam, and I am having real problems when filming outdoors. Even with the sun at my back, it is very difficult sometimes to be able to see thru the LCD screen – most of the time, I am just guessing where my subject is located (I am trying to do videos of aircraft takeoffs and landings) because the LCD screen is “blacked out” by the sun’s glare (again – even when the sun is behind me).

      Anyone have any tips on how to manage this?



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      look for an LCD hood. You could probably just look it up on google to see what they look like, and then make your own.

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      doesn’t your camera have a viewfinder? not only does it work, but if you’re handholding, you’ll get steadier shots using the viewfinder instead of the lcd.

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      I was at the beach awhile back trying to make some video of children. I couldn’t use the viewfinder, because I was hold the camera below my waist.

      Also, theLCD wasn’t usable. I basically, leaned over with andblocked or deflected the sunlight. Then I set up the shots and just went at it without seeing the action. I just held steady on the camera and got some great video.

      I think being a camera buffrequires a lot of workarounds. LOL

Viewing 3 reply threads
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