using the dvx100b for first time

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      Hi to all

      Anyone who knows the cam and would care to help,,, thnx in advance

      I’m so green the many settings are too overwhelming to go it alone,,, my interest is to produce personal works that have the look and feel of film, hence the dvx cam ( although I may tradeup for xl2 ,,, opinions welcome ),,, with just the cam and no fancy lights or additional mics I envision documentary like material,using pet – family – freinds – whatever vistas are along the road – our local lakes and whatever else strikes me for footage, I will narrarate a waveform, and include soft music as workaround for lack of audio gear. This much I can do via Final Cut….

      So,,, that said

      Hope that description is good enough,,, What I’m hoping to get from members here is sort of a mission or assignment focused on the ‘cam settings’ and what these setting SHOULD produce Vissually Speaking.

      From reading what Ihave thus far, I know that 24P is what I need to get the ‘film look’,,,, 24P advanced I understand has to do with ‘pulldown’ cadence but since I’m going straight to dvd will any of that matter??


      I understand 24P is not true 24fps ,,,according to one expert ,,, it’s really 29.97 with pulldown (2,3,3,2, for the dvx) with droped frames in post for a resulting 24fps,,, NOW, although I can understand what that all means I really don’t know what it means to me, or rather, how to capitalize on this bit of info. That said,, could I achieve film look shooting 30 fps altogether…

      Any how, I know I could just ramble on but will quickly aske tooo many stuupid questions for lack of knowledge, a hoping there is a mentor among you who might get me going while I pick out a good book …


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