Using someone else’s music?

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      Can you use someone elses’ music (lets say the beatles) in your video and still be a youtube partner // make money?

      Or are you not allowed to use any music that is copyrighted to make $ ??

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      Nope. Not allowed, to my understanding, for ANY copyrighted music you don’t have the authorization and legal clearance to use.

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      To be clear, not just talking about YouTube videos for profit – legally, you can not put copyright music in ANY video without permission. Technically, this would apply even to home movies, but who would know in that case? But when you post such a video online or start sending out DVDs, you open yourself up to potential legal issues.

      This subject has been beaten to death over the years in every video magazine and every forum out there, just Google it for more detailed info.

      Jeff Pulera

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