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      Those of you using social sites such as Twitter, et al, for marketing need to keep in mind that like any other ultra-popular EVENT in life, the numbers can literally go against you. You might be doing something (yes, I’m doing it too) that is tantamount to living in a vacuum. How’s that?

      I’ve noticed that when using key word searches on Twitter to follow WHERE my Tweets show up, the constant updates can be anywhere from dozens to hundreds, if not more, rolling updates to that key word search well below the bottom of the window. Sure, for a brief second, or half, you might see your entry where it can be noticed.

      Sadly, as soon as the entries/search word freshen, you’re out of sight, out of mind. Few, if any (other than ME and other inquisitively nuts individuals who will do ANYTHING to market and/or research the effects of our efforts) will bother to hit MORE at the bottom and check out what has just passed the window (OF OPPORTUNITY) – not to say the effort is fruitless, but sometimes SOME social sites benefit to marketing entries may be as effective as whispering at a football game just after a touchdown, no matter WHICH side made the score.

      Marketing and making money with video, see E.C. Come, E.C. Go

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